Use information technology to meet your business goals.Use technology to meet your business objectives

Use information technology to meet your business goals.

Use technology to meet your business objectives


Diztronic Galaxy Nexus TPU Case (Rev 3) Reviewed


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been out on the market since 2011, but Google’s ever-changing upgrades to the Android operating system allow the Nexus to outshine many of the newer contenders on the smartphone market today. Especially true is the newest upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which undeniably makes the Nexus perform like a whole new gadget. No wonder there are still so many users holding onto their Galaxy Nexus. To prolong its life and keep it scratch-free, casing for the Nexus is a must.

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Top 4 Benefits of Switching to Field Service Management

As a business, you should be on a quest to constantly improve service delivery. One way to do this is to harness the benefits of field management software. Here are 5 ways you stand to benefit from field service management.

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Agile User Stories [Video Transcript]

Video transcript of the YouTube video “Agile User Stories”. Learn how to improve your software requirements through the use of management software like Blueprint Software and adhering to Agile principles.

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The Benefits of Paper Shredding to Your Business

If your business is like many others, you generate paper documents that contain personal or private information about your customers and clients on them. It is your responsibility to keep these documents safe from others viewing them, and this includes when you are disposing of waste documents. When you toss them into the trash, there is a good chance that others could pull them out of the trash and use the information on them for wrongdoing. Paper shredding is a necessity, and you may already have a small paper shredding machine in use in your office’s work room. However, there are key advantages that you and your employees can benefit from when you use professional shredding services.

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Security Guard Management Software – Why Your Organization Needs One

There are currently a number of techniques used in managing security guards in an organization. The traditional ways have been to have a coordinator or officer shouting out the orders, creating a roster or chart detailing their respective responsibilities and then documenting them on a common register. Today, a more straightforward and efficient technique is to use security guard management software.

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IT Monitoring Software – Reducing the Need for Updates and Upgrades

Downtime is the biggest threat to most internet providers and technology companies. When a business relies on cyberspace, tension and uncertainty is always present. The founders must make huge promises to stay in business because competition in this sector is fierce. They also need to market heavily so they can gain the trust of a cynical general public. Without an IT Monitoring Software running in the background, tech companies cannot stand behind their cyber-based products. Glitches would pop up often, and the company would spend an enormous amount of time fixing diminutive problems.

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The Guide to Office Cleaning

Think about the first impressions that customers make of your organization. Some of these have to do with the quality of services that they receive. Some opinions they will quickly form during their visits to your business location. That’s why office cleaning, when it’s done right, of course, can really help your brand and make your customers more comfortable. The lack of proper cleaning can have the opposite effect. We are serious about office cleaning, and we know that, if you aren’t paying attention to the details discussed below, then you aren’t getting the business workplace thoroughly clean. You are also losing out on important opportunities to make the most favorable impressions on new customers and returning customers. Check these out:

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Choosing an Enterprise Content Management Tool

Enterprise content management is a documentation system used in an office setup to manage unstructured information such as Excel spreadsheets, images and PDFs. The idea behind ECMs is to reduce the backlog of unprocessed documents and streamline business operations. However, an ECM system can serve you well if you make the right choice. Here are tips on how to choose a good ECM tool.

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What to Look For When Buying ID Card Printers

There are many reasons why your company may need to invest in ID card printers, and there are many great equipment options available for purchase. ID card printers are most commonly used to make employee ID badges in the corporate world, but they can also be used for student ID cards, payment cards, membership cards and much more. Because of this, everyone from a major corporation to a local fitness club may need to invest in an ID printer. If you are ready to invest in a new ID card printer for your business, pay attention to these points as you make your final buying decision.

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Install a Security System On Your Home

If you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of criminal activity, then you must learn more about the latest home alarms. In the past, few homeowners worried about having automated alarm systems in their homes, but today, more people are installing these devices. Modern security systems are easier to install, and the devices are also more affordable. When you want to protect your valuable items such as jewelry, electronics and cash from theft, then the installation of an alarm system is imperative. The technicians who install security systems can evaluate your property to provide suggestions and an estimate to have alarms at entranceways such as garage doors, windows and regular doors.

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