Security Guard Management Software – Why Your Organization Needs One

There are currently a number of techniques used in managing security guards in an organization. The traditional ways have been to have a coordinator or officer shouting out the orders, creating a roster or chart detailing their respective responsibilities and then documenting them on a common register. Today, a more straightforward and efficient technique is to use security guard management software. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Silvertrac.

Today security software has grown to more than merely filling-in the blanks a computer spreadsheet. They are now integrated software programs that can do a lot more for your organization. These modern programs can help your organization in managing huge numbers of security workers while maintaining the individual security guard’s details for better outcomes.

Checking Duties Becomes Effortless

Security guard management software makes it easier for those in charge of scheduling to document the exact hours worked, by each guard or officer, retain an updated record of absents, and much more. Analyzing the number of overtime hours worked becomes easy. In a similar manner, it becomes effortless to compute the number of hours a guard has worked at each particular location. Obviously, the benefits of more efficiency to your organization need no further emphasis.

Timely Information and Customized Reports

Firms involved in security management are usually responsible to those who have engaged their services, providing them diverse reports. These may cover the number of guards, and hours worked on their site among other elements. This was previously a labour intensive, but with security guard management software, it only takes a couple of minutes. Individual guards and officers could also have access to different kinds of records, custom-made per the specific needs and according the hierarchy of the guards and officers.

A benefit that is often overlooked when using security guard management software is that you can retrieve data for further analysis. Knowing that you are overpaying your guards too much for overtime is good, but you need to know why and where it is coming from. In addition, there are lots of other useful reports that could be generated from this software.


Perhaps the ultimate benefit of using security guard management software is that the increased accuracy also comes with decreased labour costs. For example, your organization will no longer require the services of a payroll clerk as the task can be carried out by your office manager with just a couple of computer clicks.


Security guard management software means no more stacks of paper landing on your desk each week! You are also contributing to a reduction of your carbon footprint. The benefits of installing this type of software are endless and not debatable. The security software market has numerous programs to choose from and it is vital that you select one that is aligned with your specific security guard setup. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Silvertrac Software.