The Guide to Office Cleaning

Think about the first impressions that customers make of your organization. Some of these have to do with the quality of services that they receive. Some opinions they will quickly form during their visits to your business location. That’s why office cleaning, when it’s done right, of course, can really help your brand and make your customers more comfortable. The lack of proper cleaning can have the opposite effect. We are serious about office cleaning, and we know that, if you aren’t paying attention to the details discussed below, then you aren’t getting the business workplace thoroughly clean. You are also losing out on important opportunities to make the most favorable impressions on new customers and returning customers. If you visit the Jan-Pro website, they may be able to provide you with more information.

Use Containers and Filing Systems for Paper Organization
The worst thing you want to avoid is for customers to feel that their personal information is not secure in your office environment. This is especially true in any office that handles medical information and/or stores data, even birthdays, personal identification numbers, and customer payment data. Use filing cabinets, fireproof records storage, and locks/keys to keep customer information secure.

Keep Desks Clean
It’s easy for tired or overworked employees to misplace important items, everything from their car keys to a new customer’s check for a large sum of money. The culprit could be a messy desk or a cluttered workstation that multiple people use. You can establish a routine that employees will secure all of their desktop areas and filing systems before they leave. This ensures, at a minimum, that cleaning crews cannot access sensitive materials when the regular employees are not in the office.

Provide Access to a Variety of Common Cleaning Items on Every Hallway
Employees are more likely to clean up spills, remove dust, and dispose of waste when they don’t have to leave their work areas. In addition to having janitorial staff changing waste containers at least once a day and sweeping and mopping floors and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens, provide materials such as glass cleaner and disinfectants, rags, wipes, brooms, dust pans, mops, and extra plastic bags. These should be available for all employees to access them. If theft is a problem, then you can give a key to at least one person on each hallway to access these materials when they are needed. That being said, don’t forget to keep documentation on hand for employees who must handle chemicals, especially if they get something in their eyes or otherwise react to these materials.

Clean offices reassure customers and employees that your workplace is professional and that their personal information is safe. If you visit the Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems website, they may be able to provide you with more information.